For the longest time, I would joke with Chrissy saying 'one day we're going to open a cannoli shop and call it Holy Cannoli'. The more times I told her this, the more it became a serious proposal. When our son Owen was born, we decided to jump in head first and make it a reality. It seemed crazy, we bought an old mail truck, and built the truck of our dreams with blood, sweat, and tears (truly all three). We wanted to use this business as a platform to continue Mike's work with the veteran community, which is why a portion of our proceeds will be donated to reputable veterans organizations. We hope you love our cannoli's as much as we love bringing them to you!

Check out the pictures of us building our business:

Meet The Team

Michael L. Steigerwald Jr., MHS, PA-C

Mike Steigerwald is a currently practicing Emergency Medicine PA. He is also a former combat medic, having served in Baghdad, Iraq from 2003-2005. If that's not enough, he is a new father, drummer, and bad joke teller. His passion for giving back to the veteran community is the driving reason behind our mission to donate a portion of our proceeds to veteran charities.

Christina Steigerwald, MHS, PA-C

While Mike is the manual labor, Chrissy is the brains behind the operation. In addition to being a full time mom, food truck owner/operator, she also practices medicine full time as a critical care PA at Duke University. She is what keeps this train grounded and on track.

Owen Steigerwald


Owen is one of the primary driving forces behind our business, and our motivation to make this a success!





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